An IT advisory boutique that
punches above its weight

Reflector is an independent and agile IT advisor that specializes in enterprise architecture, project management, and procurement support. We can support our clients throughout their transformation journey or just bring a dose of special expertise when you need it.

Our secret sauce is making complex things understandable and controlled.

Serving you in
four core areas

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Architecture – Enterprise and otherwise

We help tame enterprise architecture and IT architecture and make them serve your business strategy and transformation goals.

Datan hyödyntäminen liiketoiminnassa

Transformation management

We provide experts and tools for planning and implementing complex corporate and technology transformation projects such as post-merger integration, ERP renewals, or digital transformation.

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Project management

Our seasoned experts help you plan and implement projects on time and budget and make sure you get the results you need.

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Quality management

We can help you implement test automation, manage the QA process of projects, or we can train your QA managers and staff.

This is not our first rodeo

Our seasoned experts have paid their dues in hundreds of complex projects.

Fiercely independent

We are 100% vendor and technology independent. We always help you choose what is best for your particular needs, project, and environment.

Technology is a tool,
not a master

Don’t get us wrong. We love technology as much as anyone but we love it for the possibilities it gives, not for a brand name or acronym. We always choose and recommend what is best for our clients.

We also
speak business

Our long experience and varied backgrounds gives us the luxury of perspective and seeing the forest from the trees: we understand IT should serve business and we also know how it can be done.

Surprisingly agile

Even though our experts have plenty of experience, we are agile to the core: both in the way we work and the methods we employ.

Change is the
only constant

Someone once said: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Well, they were wrong. We use methodologies and tools that support orderly change and help our clients thrive in a fast-changing world.

Helping you by challenging you

If you are looking for yes-people, you might want to look elsewhere. We are not afraid to challenge you to ensure your success – when necessary.

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